A circle of trust to unite entrepreneurs

The Galion Project is a community based on mutual support, where members share best practices and knowledge to meet their common challenges.


Why become a member of The Galion Project?


The Galion project is here to enable seasoned entrepreneurs share their experience with younger entrepreneurs, so that together we can come up with ambitious and responsable projects.

Charles Gorintin

Co-founder - Alan


“Galleon members set market standards that allowed me to become a better leader.”

Isabelle Rabier

Co-founder, Jolimoi

“The unique exchanges that can be had at Galleon allowed me to find innovative solutions and to develop my start-up more calmly. We feel really well surrounded at Galleon.”

Alix de Sagazan

Co-founder, AB Tasty


“What I like the most at Galion is a very high level of professionalism in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

Antoine Puymirat

Co-founder, Planity


Take advantage of everything that The Galion Project to offer


Through the internal platform, chat channels on WhatsApp and Galion's AI, Bobby.

24/7 access to the community

Unlimited Think Tank resources, publications and tools for members only.

Exclusive content

Exchanges with experts and entrepreneurs sharing the same concerns.

Thematic dinners

Organized in January and July, these are real moments of meeting and celebration.

The Galion Parties

Webinars and their replays to provide a maximum of operational and actionable advice.

The Galion Lives

A unique place in the heart of Paris to come and co-work or work with your teams.

The Galion House

Weekends to meet new members and discover the philosophy of the collective.

The Welcome Breaks

2 days of training to address entrepreneurship themes (management, organization...).

The Deep Breaks

Stays of 3 to 4 days in an exceptional setting and in a small group.

The Galion Breaks


The commitments of the members of the collective

By joining the collective, each member is committed to bringing the values of The Galion Project to life, to participating in our events, to contributing to the creation of resources and tools for the Tech ecosystem.

Illustration Les engagements des membres du collectif


Bringing the values of The Galion Project to life

Sharing, trust and ambition, while respecting the confidentiality of members.

Participate in our events

To strengthen the spirit of community and bring the collective to life.

Nurturing the collective intelligence of Tech

By sharing content and ideas, by helping other members.

24/7 access to the community

Through the internal platform, chat channels on WhatsApp and Galleon's AI, Bobby.


How to join 

The Galion Project?


Have founded a tech company

Have raised at least 3 million euros with a venture capital fund

Wanting to contribute to collective intelligence to support the Tech ecosystem

Be sponsored by a Galion member

Illustration Rejoignez d’autres entrepreneurs de 
la Tech

Together, let's think about the future of our ecosystem and an ambitious, innovative and responsible business model.

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